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The Pure Oasis All-In-One Shower Head

The Pure Oasis All-In-One Shower Head

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Pure Oasis

Tired of dealing with dry, itchy skin and scalp? 

Say hello to a new level of skin and hair care! Our Pure Oasis showerhead is here to rescue you!

☑️Enhance Your showers

Transform Your Showers with Water Softening Technology! Our showerhead removes heavy metals like calcium and minerals that cause skin irritation and dryness, allowing your shampoo and other products to work more effectively. Say goodbye to dandruff and dry skin and hello to a nourishing and refreshing shower experience!

☑️Treat your skin right

Experience the Magic of Our One-of-a-Kind Shower Nozzle for Gorgeous Skin and Amazing Health Benefits, Infused with a Refreshing Fragrance!

☑️Experience Vitamin C The Right Way...

Our revolutionary vitamin C filter helps nourish and rejuvenate your skin, while the refreshing fragrance leaves you feeling invigorated and glowing. Upgrade your shower routine and unlock the secret to healthier, more radiant skin today!

No more skin irritation, only a luxurious personal SPA-like shower experience.

Get ready for smooth, radiant, and hydrated skin and scalp. Try it now, and be amazed!

The Benefits coupled with an Easy Install makes the Pure Oasis the perfect shower head for everyone!


High Quality Vitamin C Aroma Blocks (based off of ascorbic acid) and Water Softening Pellets

E-Z Install

Tear off the Open Label on the Block, insert it into the shower head after screwing off the nozzle, and install into water pipe.

Yes it's That Easy

Fast And FREE Shipping

When you place an order, it usually takes 2-3 days to process, and 2-4 days to ship. We have the utmost respect for your time and will ensure that all products are delivered intact and fast or your money-back no questions asked

Return policy

Hassle-Free returns within 15 days after receiving the Pure Oasis

No questions asked

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The Best Of The Best

At NightlyOasis, we take extra care to make sure that we are one step step ahead and beyond the competition. All of our products are of the highest quality and you can only the best from us. That's why we have fast and FREE Express Shipping through USPS, and perform strict quality control of our warehouses.

  • Nourishes Skin

    The Vitamin C Aroma Block in the Pure Oasis has naturally built in antixodiants that nourish the skin and increase the hydration potential of the skin

  • Neutralizes Harmful Chemicals

    The Water Softening Pellets used in the Pure Oasis, removes harmful metals which can irritate skin and cause dry skin.

    In fact, studies have shown that soft water can even increase the effects of soap and shampoo.

  • Amazing Scent

    The Vitamin C Aroma Block built in to the Pure Oasis, has an amazing aroma and fragrance based on the natural scent of citrus.

  • Helps Clear Dandruff

    The Water softening pellets combined with the Vitamin C Nourishing Block hydrates your skin and increases the effectiveness of shampoo.

    This can help significantly to help clear your dandruff

    Learn More About Dandruff Here

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Customer Reviews

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Cass Gore

I recently purchased the NightlyOasis shower head with a vitamin C filter and soft water technology and I couldn't be happier with the results. As someone who has struggled with dandruff and dry skin for years, I was skeptical that a shower head could make such a big difference, but it really has.

After just a few uses, I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of dandruff on my scalp and my skin feels much more hydrated and nourished. The vitamin C filter seems to make a real difference in the quality of the water, and the soft water technology helps to avoid any scalp irritation caused by hard water.

The best part is that this shower head smells amazing! The fragrance is light and refreshing, making it feel like I'm stepping into a luxurious spa every time I take a shower. I can't recommend the NightlyOasis shower head enough to anyone who is struggling with dandruff, dry skin or just wants to improve the overall health and quality of their skin and hair.

Micaela Raynor

I love that the vitamin C filter nourishes my skin and the soft water leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. Plus, the refreshing scent of the filter makes every shower feel like a luxurious spa experience. It's truly a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their skin and hair health. I highly recommend the Pure Oasis shower head to anyone looking for a more nourishing and rejuvenating shower experience.

Lenora Weissnat

I was skeptical at first about using this water softening shower head with a vitamin C filter, but I am so glad I tried it. After just a few uses, I noticed a significant difference in my skin and hair. My dandruff disappeared and my skin is no longer dry and itchy. I also love the way it smells - it's like having a spa in my own bathroom. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their hair and skin health. It's definitely worth the investment.

Sven Braun

I have been blown away by the results of the shower head. I have struggled with dandruff and dry scalp for years, and have tried countless anti-dandruff shampoos with little to no improvement. However, since using this shower head with its vitamin C filter and soft water technology, my scalp has been significantly less itchy and flaky. Not only that, but my hair feels softer and more manageable than ever before.

What I love most about the Nightly Oasis shower head is the scent it gives off. The vitamin C filter leaves my skin and hair smelling fresh and clean, without any artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. It's a subtle, natural scent that adds to the overall relaxing and refreshing experience of my nightly shower routine.

Overall, I highly recommend the Nightly Oasis shower head to anyone who struggles with dandruff, dry scalp, or just wants a more luxurious and nourishing shower experience. It has truly made a difference in the health and appearance of my hair and skin

Elyssa Bernhard

Not only does it leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, but it has also helped alleviate my dandruff. The vitamin C filter and soft water system work wonders on my hair and skin, leaving it looking healthy and vibrant. And the best part? The shower head smells amazing, creating a luxurious and refreshing showering experience. I highly recommend the NightlyOasis shower head to anyone looking to improve their overall hair and skin health.