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Pure Oasis Vitamin C Block Refills

Pure Oasis Vitamin C Block Refills

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3 of our high quality, Vitamin C Aroma Block refills to be used with the Pure Oasis showerhead,


Nourishes Skin

The tablets use vitamin c which can produce antioxidants to help the skin age slower and keep it smoother

Helps you smell amazing

The tablets are infused with a fruit scent which ensures always leave the shower smelling awesome!

The vitamin C aroma blocks help you smell amazing and keep your skin nice and healthy.

They should generally be refilled every 4 months.


High Quality Vitamin C Aroma Blocks (based off of ascorbic acid) and Water Softening Pellets

E-Z Install

Tear off the Open Label on the Block, insert it into the shower head after screwing off the nozzle, and install into water pipe.

Yes it's That Easy

Fast And FREE Shipping

When you place an order, it usually takes 2-3 days to process, and 2-4 days to ship. We have the utmost respect for your time and will ensure that all products are delivered intact and fast or your money-back no questions asked

Return policy

Hassle-Free returns within 15 days after receiving the Pure Oasis

No questions asked

Please Request Refunds by e-mailing us at

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The Best Of The Best

At NightlyOasis, we take extra care to make sure that we are one step step ahead and beyond the competition. All of our products are of the highest quality and you can only the best from us. That's why we have fast and FREE Express Shipping through USPS, and perform strict quality control of our warehouses.

  • Nourishes Skin

    The Vitamin C Aroma Block in the Pure Oasis has naturally built in antixodiants that nourish the skin and increase the hydration potential of the skin

  • Neutralizes Harmful Chemicals

    The Water Softening Pellets used in the Pure Oasis, removes harmful metals which can irritate skin and cause dry skin.

    In fact, studies have shown that soft water can even increase the effects of soap and shampoo.

  • Amazing Scent

    The Vitamin C Aroma Block built in to the Pure Oasis, has an amazing aroma and fragrance based on the natural scent of citrus.

  • Helps Clear Dandruff

    The Water softening pellets combined with the Vitamin C Nourishing Block hydrates your skin and increases the effectiveness of shampoo.

    This can help significantly to help clear your dandruff

    Learn More About Dandruff Here

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